Turbulence 2 Trailer & Movie!!

It finally arrived! JPRO finally released part 2 in his incredible series "Turbulence!" We were stoked when we found out that this film was finally finished. I even called up my girls on skype and we all watched it together lol! Yes we are what!

We reviewed Turbulence in the past and were sad when there didn't seem to be any updates to the movie after 6 months. But a year later JPRO came back with avengence and did not disappoint. Check out the trailer below:

I sat on youtube for almost a month waiting on his to release the film. And I have been hooked ever since. Check out the entire video for part 2 below! I would suggest starting the video and then pausing it till it has fully loaded.

Turbulence 2 - 2009 - HD from J.Rojas on Vimeo.

Was that not incredible? We want to hear your thoughts and feedback so hit us up in the comments section!

Britney Spears - I'm A Slave 4 You

This video right here is incredible. It couldn't get any better than this. Absolutely amazing!



This movie falls into a class of its own. It is visually stunning...And the storyline is extremely good. I just couldn't find anything unappealing about this film. And yes...It's a film. The first of the two part film runs a little over 30 minutes and with each second, you are biting your nails to find out what is going to happen. You are immediately pulled in from the first frame and left cursing at the screen because it ended so soon.

"Turbulence is a film that revolves around MetroAir Flight 559. This 747 Airliner is en route from Forix City to New Port, USA. The story follows 6 people, all of whom are currently facing a major and important life situation. We learn about each of them in a way that shows us the stories behind their fateful flight to New Port, USA.

Everything appears to be well on the morning of Friday, April 11, 2008. A bomb scare sets off a series of events that leads to Flight 559 missing its scheduled maintenance run which in turn sets off the series of events that will be portrayed in Turbulence Part II."

My only suggestion on watching this film is to go and download it in its entirety. The quality is top notch and it flows much better than the YouTube upload.

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If you must... Although I do NOT recommend it, you can find the YouTube version HERE.


This is an incredible piece of Machinima here. I know its not the Sims guys, but you have to admit that this was noteworthy! I mean the video is incredible! Check it out and let me know what you think.



This incredible movie is called "Ruska."

"Witness the tragic, yet heart-warming story of two lovers who get separated, and long for their reunion."

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed watching this film. At first watch you cannot tell that this is a Sims 2 movie. The camera angles, movements, etc...Incredible. I felt like I was really sitting here watching a feature animated film on television. If you have not seen this already, please add it to you MUST SEE list...And make sure you check it out in high quality as well.

Ruska from Nils Berg on Vimeo.

Video Source:

(High Quality)

The Revenant - Part One

Great film so far about a mom and her 3 kids who move into her fathers home outside a small town. The youngest of the three children befriends an imaginary friend which concerns her older siblings. This is a must see!

You can check this and many other videos out on our YouTube Page.


True Love Waits

I must say that when I first saw this video, I watched it about 7 more times that night. The imagery, the music, camera angles, the way that everything flowed...Simply amazing. No wonder why the author/director won an award for it.

This movie/video is about a husband who returns home to discover his wife with another man...I don't want to spoil anything for you, so you have to watch everything play out from there.

I haven't been able to find anymore videos by the creator, RB Floyd, but I was able to save this video back when it came out. So all copyrights do go to RB Floyd/Quidzak Studios. Check out this amazing video below.

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